XTIGI Phone price list and specifications in kenya

What is the price of Xtigi phones in Kenya?

Here, we’ll look at the Xtigi mobile phone prices in Kenya. These smartphones are available at various shops,

The mobile phone company X-TIGI, has in the recent years come up with impressive phones. Considering these, the price and the quality, the phones are value for money

Most Impressive, is that X-TIGI smartphones have very high battery capacity as compared to other phone brand in the market. The market they are targeting is mostly Africa. This is the reason their phones usually have very strong screens.

X-TIGI, I would say, is one the most innovative mobile companies that targets the African market. Do you know what to look for in a smartphone? So here goes the prices in Kenya of Xtigi mobile phones.

xtigi up1 2 - XTIGI Phone Prices in Kenya (2022)

This Xtigi UP+1 smart phone packs these specs; 5-inch display, Android 6.0, a quad core processor, 8GB internal storage and 512MB RAM.

This phone is value for money since it costs less than Sh.5000 and comes with some pretty impressive features.

In the camera, the Xtigi handset has a 5.0MP in the rear facing camera and 2MP at in the selfie front facing one.

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xtigi inspire 3 156x300 2 - XTIGI Phone Prices in Kenya (2022)

Normal price: Kshs 18,000 VIEW Tushop OFFER

By far, this is one of the phones by X-TIGI that is outstanding in its design. The body is made of aluminum which makes is feel premium on the hand.

xtigi vision 6 238x300 2 - XTIGI Phone Prices in Kenya (2022)

Price: Kshs 13,000 SEE PRICE @ Tushop

With this smartphone, the battery life is outstanding. At the price, this is a very good phone. the fact that it is dual sim also enables you to have two sim card. If you are like me, one for calling and the other one for data.

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xtigi photo 6 160x300 2 - XTIGI Phone Prices in Kenya (2022)

Price: Kshs 12,000 SEE Tushop OFFER

The phone followed the Photo 5. With this, they have come up with a perfect android phone for photography. This is after being critiqued for making phones that did not have quality camera. The photo line, was just the perfect response.

xtigi a10 230x300 2 - XTIGI Phone Prices in Kenya (2022)

Price- Kshs 10,000
Black version VIEW PRICE OFFER

Being one of the latest devices from the company, the phone had to come with one of the latest Android versions. The only problem I have, is that it did not come with 4G. Though the battery makes it stand out from other similar Android devices at a similar price range.

xtigi photo 5 268x300 2 - XTIGI Phone Prices in Kenya (2022)

Price: Kshs 9 500 SEE OFFER BY Tushop

The photo 5, just like the name suggests mainly targets those who love taking photographs. Though I feel like they should have had more storage capacity.

xtigi r9 163x300 2 - XTIGI Phone Prices in Kenya (2022)

Cost: Kshs 10,000 Tushop PHONE OFFER

Performance wise, the phone is not really up there. But, the battery will last you a day and a half after a full charge.

xtigi s1550 187x300 2 - XTIGI Phone Prices in Kenya (2022)

Price: Kshs 8,500 SEE DEAL AT Tushop

Performance wise, this phone hands down beats other Android devices in its price range. This, is majorly due to the fact that it has 2GB of RAM. When multi-tasking, you won notice any lags or apps that stop responding

xtigi s1553 152x300 2 - XTIGI Phone Prices in Kenya (2022)


The battery, this phone will last two days straight without requiring charge. This smartphone is the type you charge and forget about running out of battery for the whole day. Other features, are average compared to the charge capacity.

xtigi j110 153x300 2 - XTIGI Phone Prices in Kenya (2022)

Price: Kshs 7,000 SEE DISCOUNT AT Tushop

At the price, I would say the specifications of this device is more than expected. Though you can get a better phone if you just go a little bit over the price of this phone.

xtigi v2 246x300 2 - XTIGI Phone Prices in Kenya (2022)


Avoid this smartphone I you can. Chief reason, the amount of RAM is minuscule for this day and age. This can be used as a phone for “shikiliaring” if you lost your device or planning a major upgrade after sometime.

xtigi g530 187x300 2 - XTIGI Phone Prices in Kenya (2022)


This device was released a long time ago. The android version is really a letdown. Though there have been documented cases which show Kit Kat is far superior when it comes to conserving battery charge.

The smartphone division of X-TIGI is part of H.K TianJi Group Co. The company is an international company which designs and markets a range of mobile devices. In my personal experience, most of the phones they come up with are thin and well designed.

However, the only problem most people have with them is the quality of their camera. This, in the recent times has changed. With the release of Photo 6, the company proved that they could master the art of making cameras that take clear and sharp images.

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