Vitron TV Prices in Kenya Tushop  and Reviews

What are the Vitron TV Prices in Kenya? Vitron, is slowly proving to be a reliable, affordable and quality TV manufacturer in Kenya. Today, we’ll look at the price list of Vitron TVs in Kenya, the specifications and reviews. Just so you know, Vitron, is one of the most affordable TV brand in Kenya, offering sizes varying from 19 inches, all the way to 40 inches. Most of these TVs, have digital tuners. However, some do not have and you’ll have to use an external decoder. However, their pricing is just suitable.

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One of the main factors, that you should highly consider in this tv brand in the picture quality. Even in the affordable models, you’ll still get stunning details in your movies. Even though these televisions don’t have HDR, you still get a high contrast ratio. The main reason for this, is the quality of panels used here.

When it comes to color reproduction, the picture processing unit in these Vitron televisions ensure that all the color grades are display just the way they were intended.

In addition to that, you also get a high contrast ratio. Making it possible to enjoy “true’ blacks, instead of the “grayish” colors that usually represent black.

Because Vitron Digital TVs in Kenya use an LED panel, you get high power conservation. This is because only the required pixels are lit wen viewing videos.

TVs from Vitron also have various modes/ scene selection, suitable for varied types of media. For example, you can choose, sports mode if you are watching football, or any other fast paced sports. This reduces the blur that you’ll experience in TVs that lack this mode. Another mode is the standard mode, this makes it suitable for all types of videos. Then there is the cinema mode which ensures that your movie viewing experience is enhanced.

Another feature that is noteworthy is the viewing angles. In all the televisions, you get 178 degrees. This ensures that, even the people sitting at the far ends of the living room can still see the great picture quality that is being displayed.

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Just like video, Vitron TVs also process the audio it produces.

First, you’ll get dual stereo speakers. These are located either at the bottom, or at both sides of the television. Therefore, when someone is sitting at any position in your living room, you can still enjoy the same audio quality.

And if you are in a bed sitter, even when cooking, you get almost the same good audio as someone sitting directly in front of the device.

Most of the Vitron TVs on Sale in Kenya, come with Digital receiver. With the in-built feature, you don’t have to spend extra cash to buy an external decoder. Therefore, you get to enjoy many selections of free to air channels in the future.

All the Vitron TVs that are listed here, have all the essential ports. You have USB, HDMI, RF, AV in/out and Headphone jack. All these, will enable you to connect to various electronics in the house. For example, a Sub-woofer and/or home theater can be connected.

In addition, if you want, you can also have a DVD player, DSTV, GoTV or Bamba decoder connected.

For the models with a HDMI port, you can even extend your laptop/ computer screen on the television.

To conclude, I can highly recommend buying Vitron Televisions in Kenya. The features that stand out, include; the display quality, audio processing, ports and pricing.

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