TOSHIBA best laptops in kenya

Toshiba L40W, is amongst the few convertible/transformer laptops in the Kenya. Currently, there is an obvious TREND towards these.

This, is majorly as a result of the laptops having “cool” designs. Honestly, that is very right, these machines have the wow factor in them. Also find the price of buying HP laptops in Nairobi.

Toshiba, did not want to be left behind in the niche of these laptops. And enter the L40W -X360 touch in Kenya. In this article, you will find a review of the laptop, look at some of its strengths and also point out the weakness.

Of the most outstanding features of this laptop, the design stands out from the crowd. The color is metallic black and the material used is brushed aluminum.

The use of the metal, already signifies that sensitivity to the overall look of the machine was a major factor in its design.

To add to that, the fact that it is a convertible means that, it can assume various modes. 3 modes are available, stand, laptop and tablet. Using these will majorly boil down to personal preference or suitability.

toshiba convertible laptop 2 - Toshiba SATELLITE RADIUS L40W Review

At the office, you can use it for work in “laptop mode” because this is the most appropriate mode. However, this can also be used for presenting to people using the stand mode or tablet mode.

screen 1 - Toshiba SATELLITE RADIUS L40W Review

When looking to buy a new laptop, performance is one of the things that should be on top of the list. Toshiba L40W does not disappoint in this sector.
Intel Core i5 ensures that the latest programs and applications will run as smoothly as possible.

The speed is 2.2GHz, this leads to the laptops battery lasting longer as compared to if it were higher.

4GB of RAM should be the bare minimum in 2017. This is because anything less than that will lead to significant performance issues with the laptop. in my personal experience, I have noticed that browsing using Chrome with anything smaller than 4GB leads to slowing down. This brings down the user experience.

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Gone are the days – that having 500GB of internal storage was considered suitable. This laptop raises the bar and comes with 1TB of internal storage.
This means you have more capacity for files, music, movies and even large computergames.

At only 1.9Kgs, it is one of the lightest laptops available in Kenya. Therefore, commuting with this machine wont tire you and lead to back problems. Also, lighter laptops mean premium design and carefully constructed body and parts.

At 14 inches, the laptop strikes a perfect balance between usability and convenience. Windows 10 was coded with touch screen devices in mind, so the laptop is really usable with the operating system.

An issue though, I don’t like the fact that the screen is only 1‎,366 x 768. The company should have done more with the display resolution





Inputs and Outputs

Wireless / Networking



Color :Black Finish

Weight: 1.91 kg

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