Tornado TV Price List in Kenya

Here, we’ll look at the Tornado TV Prices in Kenya, specifications and reviews. Tornado, has a wide selection of LED televisions in Kenya. The sizes range from 20 inches, all the way to 55 inches. Tornado TV models vary with features. You can get curved TVs, Smart TV, 4K Ultra HD, in addition, all the models in Kenya are digital. Among the most affordable and high quality flat screen TVs, is Tornado. You get a high build quality with a High Definition display.

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Having the best quality display, is one of the most important features in a television. Tornado, does not disappoint when it comes to this. The panel used by the models, are all LED. This comes with many benefits. You get an improved backlighting technology. This translates to a high contrast ratio with sharp images.

Now, Tornado, has various scenes/ modes for choosing the best setting that best suits what you are watching. For example, you have the sports modes. This ensures that you get as little blur as possible when watching fast paced sports (football and the rest).

Then there is the games mode. So, in case you decide to connect a gaming console to the television, you get as little input lag as possible. The Cinema mode in Tornado Flat screen ensures that you have a high-fidelity video quality. Then there is the standard mode that is suitable for normal viewing and watching of TV shows.

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This, is another feature, that honestly, most people usually ignore. But it is very important. First, all the Tornado TVs listed here have at least one USB port, HDMI, AV, RF and Audio out. These, will enable you to connect many electronics at the same time. You can connect a Subwoofer or home theater. In addition, you can also install an external decoder (Bamba, DSTV, GoTV, Startimes) if you want to. Since the Tornado TV models have a HDMI port, you can use them to extend or mirror your laptop computer screen.

All the Tornado TVs in Kenya come with a digital receiver. What this means is that you don’t have to spend extra money to enjoy free to air channels. They come with the latest standard of digital tuner receiver, which is DVB-T2. Another good thing about having an inbuilt decoder is the fact that you don’t have the cluster of connecting many things at the same time. Which means your TV space in the living room will look modern.

Tornado comes with PVR capability. This means that, you can connect an external storage device (such as a hard disk or USB stick), and record your favorite TV shows. This feature can be important if you want to re-watch a great movie or tv show.

Another feature, is the smart tv capability in some models. You can connect it to the internet, watch YouTube shows and Videos. Just like a normal laptop, the device can be used to check your email, Facebook and twitter.

Energy use. Since Tornado uses the latest standards in LED technology, it is efficient. This ensures that your electricity bill is in check. The backlighting technology ensures that only the pixels of the TV that are displaying an image is lit. This feature also reduces eye staring for the user.

Tornado TVs, is one of the best models in Kenya, offering value for your money. The selection of 19 inch models to 55 inches, ensures that it fulfills the needs of many people. This television, to be honest, should be among your priority models. For a more affordable price, you get the same features that you can find in other televisions that cost more.

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