TLS TV Prices in Kenya

In this article, we’ll look at TLS TV Prices in Kenya, the specifications and reviews. TLS, is a North American Company that has been manufacturing LED TVs for some year now. In this price list of TLS TVs in Kenya, I have included the important specifications. You’ll also get the advantages and disadvantages of the many model they have in Kenya. Compared to other brands, you get quality at a great price. Some of the TVs they have include digital, 4K and Smart TVs. You can also get various sizes, ranging from 19 inches, 32, all the way to 55 inches. The design also stands out with slim bezels being a trademark look of TLS televisions.

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Having a tv with the best possible picture quality, is one of the most important features in a television. With TLS LED televisions, you get just that.

You get a selection of choices, ranging from HD, Full HD to 4K Ultra HD. These LED panels, ensures that, when you are watching the TV, you get the quality the way it is intended to be seen.

 What makes this possible is the picture processing engine in the TLS tv. This feature can adjust the settings to make a scene vibrant and clear.

You can also get various modes with this TV. There is the sports mode, which handles high frame rates movement really well. Then there is the game mode. This ensures that you can as little input lag as possible from your console or laptop. The standard mode is suitable for normal TV viewing. With the vivid setting, you get to enjoy vibrant color reproduction and sharp images.

There is another advantage of the LED panel used by TLS. The panel ensures than local dimming is possible. This only lights up the require areas of the display panel. Not only does this lead to richer pictures, but also power conservation.

Under normal operation, the television uses around 55 watts, the standby mode uses less than 1 watt per hour.

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Many people, will usually ignore, or underrate the importance of connectivity options in a television. The TLS brands will do you a major favor in regards to this.

The ports on this television are numerus, ranging from HDMI, USB, AV in/out, component, VGA and even 3.5mm jack (depending on model).

With all these ports, you can connect your TLS TV to various electronics in the house. Connection can be done to a laptop via the HDMI cable. Therefore, you can mirror or extend your computer display. In addition, you can also watch movies, through the USB connection. Other electronics that you can connect to this television include a DVB/ Blu-ray player, Console and an DSTV decoder.


All the TLS televisions listed here, have an in built digital TV tuner. Therefore, you won’t have to buy an external decoder to view free to air channels. In addition to saving you money, it ensures that your TV area is less clustered.

Another feature that some of TLS models have, is smart TV. You can connect to the internet, browse and even watch Netflix or Showmax.

I can really recommend TLS Televisions for the reason stated above. Just to repeat them, you get great picture quality, at an affordable price. The design is also something that you can look forward to. The panels, are thin, and either made of polycarbonate or brushed aluminum.

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