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What are the Taj TV Prices in Kenya and their review/ specifications? Some people might be doubtful, because Taj is not very well known. However, the quality and pricing of the flat screen televisions has made them take a significant market share in Kenya. In this price list of Taj TVs in Kenya, I have listed the key specifications, advantages and disadvantages. With the information, you can make an informed buying decision. Taj offer quite a large selection of Televisions in Kenya. This ranges from 24 inches up to 60 inches. In addition, in some models, you get features such as smart tv, digital, 4K Ultra HD and some come with Dolby Atmos for improved audio quality.

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Here, we’ll be looking at some of the qualities of Taj TVs that makes theme a desirable buy.

First, lets talk about the display quality. Characterizing Taj TVs, is high contrast ratio, HDR and LED flats screen technology.

With HDR (High Dynamic Range), you get enhanced color reproduction, high contrast ratio and more color accuracy. The blacks and truly blacks, not the washed out gray color. As previously mentioned, the screen use LED technology in their panels. No only is the panel of high quality, but also a low power consumption characterizes it. Depending on the configuration, it is estimated that LED panels save from 25 to 80 percent of power compared to the typical LCD panels.

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To be honest, Taj, provides some of the best designed televisions in Kenya. When it comes to thickness/ thinness, the brand is impressive. The design of all of their televisions, easily complements any living room. You get a sleek, metallic body (in some) that attracts the eyes when a visitor enters the living room. To add to that, since all of them have digital tuners, you don’t have to have external decoders that’ll interfere with the looks of your TV stand.

One of the most important features that people easily ignore in a television is the sound quality. It is common to walk into somebody’s house and get a perfect television in terms of picture quality, yet, the sound is horrible. For that reason, Taj is really setting the standard in “affordable” yet great sounding Tv Sets.

Most of them are Dolby Atmos enhanced, which means you hear the sound naturally, the way its meant to be. All of these have dual firing speaker setup. This ensures that the whole living room gets audio at the right quality.

Connectivity, is one of the most important features in the latest televisions. Luckily, Taj did not cut corners here. In all their televisions, you get at least one USB port, HDMI, Audio in/out, Y Pb PR. The high end models, come with even more connectivity options.

With these many ports, you can connect many devices at the same time. This ensures that it is convenient when using it. Example of external devices that you can connect include Sub Woofers, Home Theaters, Gaming Consoles, DSTV, GoTV, ZUKU, Bamba TV and even headphones.

Another information of importance is the fact that all the Taj Televisions come with at least 1 Year warranty. His is the difference of buying the TV Here and other places in Kenya. You can return it for a full refund or repair if it develops any problems.

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