Skytop TV Prices List in Kenya

What I like about Skytop Televisions, is the fact that they are targeted and people looking for great TVs at an affordable price. Here, we’ll look at the Skytop TV Prices in Kenya, specifications and Review. In this price list of Skytop TVs, I have listed the important specifications, in addition to the advantages and disadvantages. This will help you make an important buying decision. The product range offered by Skytop include smart, digital and the sizes vary from 17 inches to 32 inches.

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All the Skytop LED televisionslisted here, have an in built digital TV receiver. You don’t have to spend extra money to buy an external receiver. You can therefore, view free to air channels.

The inbuilt digital receiver also ensures that your tv space remains clean and uncluttered.

Having a tv that can produce the closest color to what is natural is important. The good thing is that Skytop does just that. With its picture processing, you’ll be able to have a high contrast ratio, vibrant and true color reproduction. To add to that, the televisions have a high reflectivity coating. This ensures that, even with direct reflection from the sun, you can still have a great viewing experience.

Skytop also comes with a high viewing angle. It is 178 degrees. Therefore, no matter the position someone is sitting in your living room, they’ll still have the same experience as someone directly facing the television set.

Now, the resolution you get varies with the model. These can be from HD, Full HD to 4K Ultra HD. Generally, if you are buying a large television, it is advisable to go with a higher resolution. Because Skytop TV are around 32 inches, you’ll be fine with either HD or Full HD.

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There is no need of buying a tv if the picture and sound quality is good, but the design is awful. With the Skytop brand, the manufacturer has really invested its time in ensuring that the design stands out. When it comes to the material, you can either have texturized polycarbonate or brushed aluminum.

The sleek bezels also ensure that, in the living room, the tv looks sleek and beautiful.

Skytop TVs come with many ports. You can get HDMI, USB, RF, AV in/out. The good thing with many ports, is that you can have many electronics connected to the television at the same time. All the model support connection to a DVD player, laptop/ computer and a Subwoofer. If you want, you can also connect a pain for decoder on the device to access international services.

Skytop TVs, are clearly among the most affordable and quality tvs in Kenya. You get great picture quality in addition to having multiple ports and a great design. In addition to that, all the televisions that they offer in Kenya come with 1 year warranty. This ensures that you have a peace of mind after buying the television.

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