Safaricom partners with Huawei to launch Scan to Order service powered by M-Pesa Leave a comment

Mobile money platform M-Pesa is going a step further in its quest to dominate the digital expenses house in Kenya and previous.

A brand spanking new service powered by M-Pesa, dubbed Scan to Order, is in recent times on a pilot phase in Nairobi.

The service gets its determine (Scan and Order or Scan to Order) from its simple running mechanism.

Profiting from the built-in purposes of smartphones, Huawei Kenya has built a platform that integrates an outlet’s digital menu and stage of sale terminal with Safaricom’s Lipa na M-Pesa device thereby allowing shoppers to seamless place orders at outlets of their variety. This is in particular important in the ones pandemic circumstances when one of the vital minimal contact between people is encouraged.

All that one does is scan a handy guide a rough response (QR) code which will also be came upon on the tables at the outlet where, traditionally, menu leaflets/booklets will also be situated.

The scanning will also be completed in an instant by using a smartphone’s digital camera app, for smartphones that have such capacity or any QR code scanner downloaded by using the Google Play Store.

Clicking the link revealed takes one to the opening’s digital menu from where one can make a choice the foods or drink they want to order. They then proceed to checkout the identical. At checkout, they’re ready to pay themselves or key throughout the number of anyone else who will pay. Once this happens, the kitchen or bar gets the order and starts getting in a position the foods/drink.

At this 2nd, the service, which was once as soon as unveiled earlier in this day and age, is most straightforward live, on a trial basis, at Pete’s Coffee, Nyangumi Freeway (at The Arch Place). Safaricom says that it has a purpose of accelerating it to quite a few other eateries and bars within the the city throughout the coming weeks.

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