Safaricom 5G Launches This Week, Your Queries Answered

5G is in the end coming to Kenya.

In the past on three hundred and sixty five days, we had received credible hints that operator Safaricom was checking out the provider.

5G, which succeeds 4G LTE, is the next-gen same old for broadband mobile connections. It approach that you are going to download stuff quicker, and your internet speeds it will likely be appreciably and noticeably quicker.

Primary global puts have already started the use of the provider following years of checking out. The US, as an example, has 5G coverage in most of its cities. Coverage is expanding to further areas, together with the an equivalent building in numerous global puts in Europe and Asia.

For context, Safaricom offered 4G in 2014. The supplier started expanding it to further space in Kenya from 2016. As of 2020, the operator is however to avail the provider to all primary town amenities, then again it is getting there.

Telkom and Airtel Kenya highest possible were given correct proper right here into the LTE space a couple of years later.

So here is what everyone knows regarding the unencumber.


The provider will pass continue to exist Friday, 26th March. Alternatively, we predict it to be reside as soon as day after today (twenty 5th March).


The provider it will likely be offered in Nairobi and Western Kenya.


For now, 5G it will likely be availed to consumers by the use of Safaricom.


The 5G infrastructure is hard by the use of every Nokia and Huawei.

Huawei has been on a great place all over without equal three hundred and sixty five days, following power from the U.S. government that its 5G telecoms system was no longer protected. Huawei has since defended its position, mentioning that its lead all over the 5G space has made it a objective of competing firms which can be jealous of its technological strides.


5G should haves are provided in two should haves/frequency groups; at 450 MHz – 6 GHz and at 24 GHz – 52 GHz. On the subject of all the deployment is at the 450 MHz – 6 GHz frequency, which is what we suspect Safaricom will use.

This supply day, researchers are laborious at art work figuring out easy how one can deploy 24 GHz – 52 GHz, eternally known as mmWave, effectively.


The Communications Authority of Kenya is aware of the 5G traits in Kenya, and has since allocated frequencies for the operator.


This supply day, no person is aware of the license fees for 5G frequencies. Alternatively, the details it will likely be detailed on Friday when Safaricom launches the provider officially.

4G licensing price KES 2.5 billion in step with operator.


In the past, only a handful of phones officially available in Kenya are provided with a 5G chip.

The most recent ones are from Samsung and Apple: Samsung S21 collection with the Exynos 2100 is helping 5G. This time spherical, Samsung has no longer deactivated the function as it did with the S20 lineup from 2020 (that we hope it will likely be up-to-the-minute to toughen the provider).

The second personnel is the iPhone 12 line.

Finally, there are a number of other phones to be had available in the market with toughen for 5G, most of them powered by the use of such a lot so much a lot much less capable chipsets with regards to raw power.

We sit down down up for them being supported by the use of the gang. Besides is most indubitably going to liberate a list of supported phones.


Similar to when 4G offered, it is most indubitably that consumers will want to change their SIMs for many who toughen 5G.


5G consumes a lot of wisdom and can pass up to 2 Gbps on an excellent connection. A tempo check out itself would make a dent on your wisdom plan. The ones are one of the crucial questions we will be raising on Friday, together with how the supplier will regulate wisdom plans.


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