Sony SHAKE-X30 High-Power Home Audio System with Bluetooth Technology

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Sony SHAKE-X30 detailed description

Excellent bass.

Sony SHAKE-X30 is among the best possible bass audio gadget to be had available in the market. It comes with a Sound Energy Horn with an within folded design that may building up acoustic pressure. What you get is a deep sounding bass that makes you feel the bass in your bones.


Bluetooth® streaming with LDAC.

Sony SHAKE-X30 lets you motion music to it the use of Bluetooth. By the use of the use of LDAC, which lets you transmit at 3X the rate. What you get is a smart wireless streamer that lets you enjoy paying attention to your content material subject material.


LED speaker lighting.

Sony SHAKE-X30 audio gadget come with LED gentle. The LED gentle is to be had in relatively a large number of colors and when you’re taking part in your music, the light show helps carry the mood for an enjoyable environment.


Guitar input.

In case you are a guitar player, Sony SHAKE-X30 has you covered. Sony SHAKE-X30 comes with a Guitar Input that lets you connect your guitar to it so to play your guitar reside in your audience.




  • CD: Positive
  • USB1: Positive
  • FM: Positive
  • Audio In1: Positive
  • Bluetooth®: Positive (iAP over BT)

Inputs and Outputs.

  • Analog audio input: 1
  • Analog audio output: 1
  • USB port: 1
  • Speaker output front: 2
  • Microphone input: 2 (6φ/Guitar available for one port – MIC 2/GUITAR)

Sound Choices.

  • Music equalizer: MUSIC
  • Sports activities actions mode: YES (OFF/Narration ON/Narration OFF)
  • FIESTA mode: Positive
  • Bass Boost function: Mega Bass
  • DSEE sound enhancement: DSEE (AUTO) / LDAC
  • Party chain (Wired): Positive
  • ClearAudio+: Positive


  • S-Pressure front surround: Positive

Sound Recreational.

  • Flanger: Positive
  • Isolator: Positive
  • Pan: Positive (Best by way of Apps)
  • Wah: Positive (Best by way of Apps)
  • Sampler: Positive (Scratch and additional)

Lighting Affect.

  • Speaker gentle: Positive (Multi-color)
  • Party gentle: Positive (L / R)


  • Vocal fader: Positive
  • Key control: Positive
  • Scoring: Positive
  • Mic Amount: Positive
  • Echo: Positive

Convenience Choices.

  • Sleep timer: Positive
  • USB REC: Positive

Power Consumption.

  • Power Consumption (in Standby): 0.5 W

Wireless connection.

  • One-touch NFC pairing: Positive


  • LDAC: Positive
  • AAC: Positive
  • A2DP (SINK): Positive
  • AVRCP: Positive (Ver1.5)
  • SPP: Positive


  • Suitable smartphone apps: Positive (Sony | Music Center & Fiestable)

Tuner Specs.

  • Band: FM
  • External Antenna: Positive (75 ohms)
  • Tuning Range (FM): 87.5-108 MHz/100 kHz
  • Preset Channel: FM20


  • Tray Lock: Positive
  • Child Lock: Positive

Playable discs (audio).

  • CD: Positive
  • CD-R: Positive
  • CD-RW: Positive

Playable formats (data).

  • MP3: Positive

Front Speaker Specifications.

  • Tweeter: 0.98″ x 1 (horn type)
  • Woofer: 9.84″ x 1 (MRC)

Subwoofer Specifications.

  • Sound pressure horn (Once more-loaded horn): Positive

Physically Dimensions.

  • Primary Unit Dimensions (W x H x D cm) (Approx.): 17.91″ x 6.50″ x 12.99″
  • Primary Unit Weight (lb)(Approx.): 5.8
  • Front Speaker Dimensions (W x H x D cm) (Approx.): 14.49″ x 23.03″ x 15.39″
  • Front Speaker Weight (lb)(Approx.): 16.1


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