Sony MHC-V71D High Power Party Speaker with BLUETOOTH Technology

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Sony MHC-V71D Best Power Birthday party Speaker detailed description

Wireless Streaming.

Sony MHC-V71D speaker signifies that you’ll be able to move music to it wirelessly using Bluetooth or NFC. This is to hand when you do not have a Jack cable. You can move music from your favorite apps or playlist.


Clear Sound.

Sony MHC-V71D produces very clear loud sounds that can get the mood going. The audio device in Sony MHC-V71D are angled to be sure that sound spreads around the room. With only a single Sony MHC-V71D speaker, you are able to be sure that everyone at your party is having a good 2d.


Birthday party Lighting.

Sony MHC-V71D comes with led lights at the speaker. You can get a 360° party mild show that changes with the beat. This may most probably have the same opinion carry the party mood.




  • CD: Certain
  • DVD: Certain
  • USB1: Certain
  • FM: Certain
  • Audio In1: Certain
  • TV: Certain (HDMI), (AUDIO IN)
  • Bluetooth®: Certain (iAP over BT)

Inputs and Outputs.

  • Analog audio input: 1
  • Analog audio output: 1
  • HDMI output: 1
  • Composite video output: 1
  • USB port: 1
  • Microphone input: 2 (6φ/Guitar available for one port – MIC 2/GUITAR)

Sound Choices.

  • Music equalizer: MUSIC (Emotion EQ)
  • Football mode: Certain
  • FIESTA mode: Certain
  • Bass Boost function: MEGA BASS
  • DSEE sound enhancement: DSEE (AUTO)
  • Birthday party chain (Stressed out): Certain
  • Speaker add function (Bluetooth): Certain
  • ClearAudio+: Certain


  • Dolby® Digital: Certain
  • Cinema House/Surround: -/Certain

Sound Recreational.

  • Flanger: Certain
  • Isolator: Certain
  • Pan: Certain
  • Wah: Certain
  • Sampler: Certain (scratch and additional)

Lighting Have an effect on.

  • Speaker mild: Certain (sky blue for WF & Mid)
  • Birthday party mild: Certain (360° Birthday party mild, R/G/B)


  • Vocal fader: Certain (for all functions)
  • Key control: Certain (for all functions)
  • Scoring: Certain (for all functions)
  • Mic Amount: Certain (for all functions)
  • Echo: Certain (for all functions)
  • Knowledge Vocal: Certain (for all functions) (apps simplest)
  • Voice Changer: Certain (for all functions)

Convenience Choices.

  • Gesture control: Certain
  • Sleep timer: Certain
  • USB port charging output: 1A
  • Touch keys: Certain (splashproof for the very best panel)
  • USB REC: Certain

Power Consumption.

  • Power Consumption (in Standby): 0.5W

Wireless connection.

  • NFC One-touch pairing: Certain


  • LDAC: Certain
  • AAC: Certain
  • A2DP (SINK): Certain
  • AVRCP: Certain (Ver1.3)
  • SPP: Certain


  • Suitable smartphone apps: Certain (Music Center and Fiestable)

Tuner Specs.

  • Band: FM
  • RDS: Certain
  • Tuning Range (FM): 87.5-108MHz/50KHz
  • Preset Channel: FM20


  • Tray Lock: Certain
  • Child Lock: Certain
  • Dustproof / Water resistant / Water-resistance: Dustproof/Splashproof (control panel simplest)
  • Birthday party Lock: Certain
  • Wearing Handle: Certain (front and back)
  • Wheels: Certain

Playable discs (audio).

  • CD: Certain
  • CD-R: Certain
  • CD-RW: Certain
  • 8 cm Disc (CD): Certain
  • 8 cm Disc (DVD): Certain

Playable discs (video).

  • DVD: Certain
  • DVD+R: Certain
  • DVD-R: Certain
  • DVD+R DL: Certain
  • DVD+RW: Certain
  • DVD-RW (Video): Certain
  • VCD: Certain

Playable formats (wisdom).

  • MP3: Certain
  • Xvid: Certain
  • Mpeg4 *Simple Profile: Certain (is helping MPEG1 moreover)

Front Speaker specifications.

  • Tweeter: 5 cm x2 (cone type)
  • Mid-range: 12 cm x 2 (cone type)
  • Woofer: 30 cm x 1

Primary Unit.

  • Primary Unit Dimensions (W x H x D cm) (Approx.): 37.0 x 93.0 x 42.7
  • Weight (kg)(Approx.): 22 kg


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