LG XBOOM CJ44 480W Hi-Fi System

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LG XBOOM CJ44 480W Hello-Fi Gadget detailed description


Tough audio system.

LG XBOOM CJ44 Gadget comes with a 480W general energy output. Because of this the audio system are loud, letting you experience being attentive to your tune. The sound LG XBOOM CJ44 Gadget could have you grooving to the beat every time you play tune.


Karaoke Beef up.

In the event you love to sing, then LG XBOOM CJ44 is the machine to get. LG XBOOM CJ44 Gadget comes with Karaoke helps that assist you to carry out your favourite songs as they play. It comes with Voice Canceller that limits the quantity of the tune you are making a song alongside to in order that it does no longer crush your voice. It additionally has a Key Changer which robotically adjusts the pitch of the tune you are making a song to in order that it suits your voice.


Wi-fi Connectivity.

LG XBOOM CJ44 Gadget comes with Bluetooth connectivity. With Bluetooth connectivity, you’ll be able to play tune out of your cellular instrument wirelessly.




  • Overall Energy Output: 480W RMS
  • Sound Gadget: Stereo (2-way)
  • Tweeter Unit: 1.57″
  • Mid-Vary/Bass Speaker: 6.5″


  • CD: Sure (1)
  • CD-R/-RW: Sure
  • MP3 CD: Sure
  • WMA CD: Sure
  • USB: Sure (2)
  • Bluetooth®: Sure
  • Microphone Enter: Sure (1)
  • Moveable Enter: Sure (1)
  • AUX (Stereo RCA): Sure (1)
  • FM Tuner: Sure (87.5 ~ 108.0 MHz)
  • Sound Sync Wi-fi (LG TV Bluetooth): Sure


  • Sound Varieties: 8 (Person, Same old, Pop, Vintage, Rock, Jazz, Bass Blast, Soccer)


  • Track Deciphering: WAV, MP3


  • Bluetooth® Track Streaming: Sure
  • MP3 participant USB charging: Sure
  • Playback settings: Random, Repeat1, Repeat All
  • Voice Canceller: Sure
  • Key Changer: Sure
  • Karaoke Microphone Enter: Sure (1)
  • Smartphone Far flung App: Track Float Bluetooth
  • Bluetooth Multi-Instrument Connection: Sure (As much as 3 gadgets concurrently)
  • Bluetooth Standby Wakeup: Sure
  • Bluetooth Jukebox: Sure
  • Clock/Timer: Sure
  • Auto DJ: Sure
  • Program Play: Sure (60 songs)
  • Vertical/Horizontal Placement: Vertical Best
  • Sound Sync Wi-fi (LG TV Bluetooth): Sure
  • Wi-fi Birthday party Hyperlink: Sure
  • USB 1 to USB 2 Recording: Sure
  • USB Direct Recording: Sure
  • USB Exterior HDD Playback: Sure


  • USB 2.0 Enter: Sure (2)
  • Microphone (6.5mm) Enter: Sure (1)
  • Stereo RCA (AUX) Enter: Sure (1)
  • Moveable (3.5mm) Enter: Sure (1)
  • FM Antenna: Sure (1)


  • Primary Unit (W x H x D): 350 x 163 x 251 mm
  • Audio system (W x H x D): 266 x 314 x 234 mm
  • Web Weight (Primary Unit): 3.4 kg
  • Web Weight (Audio system): 5.7 kg


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