Infinix Snokor iRocker Earbuds

KSh 2,000

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Infinix Snokor iRocker Earbuds

KSh 2,000

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Infinix iRocker Earbuds Price in Kenya and Specification:

Infinix Snokor iRocker Price in Kenya is Ksh. 2,000. The Infinix iRocker Earbuds is a decent first entry for a brand like Inifinix that has been focusing solely on the smartphone market only. The earbuds provide great sound when it comes to simple music playback and features a decent build and efficient usability thanks to the excellent buttons on the buds.

Infinix iRocker Earbuds Price and Features:

Price in KenyaKsh. 2,000
EARBUD BATTERY40MAH*2 Polymer Lithium
TOTAL PLAYTIME4Hr Buds + 16Hr With Charging Case
CHARGING TIME1.2Hr Buds + 1.5Hr Case
VOICE ASSISTANTYes (Google Assistant/Siri)
MULTIFUNCTION BUTTONAccept/Reject Call, Play/Pause Music, Next Song
5D DESIGNSecure & Comfortable Fit In Ears

Infinix Snokor iRocker Detailed Descriptions:


Perfectly complemented with a coat of fluidic titanium for that head-turner look. The earbuds feature a strapping plastic design and are lightweight. They also feel sturdy enough, considering the price bracket. They are silicone ear tips and changeable sizes. The shape of the earbuds aren’t completely original, but feel fresh amidst a sea of clones. There are buttons on each bud that are very tactile, yet don’t need to be pushed in too hard to register a press. This allows you to control your playback without pushing the earbuds into your canal with each press.

The charging case for the Nothing Ear (Stick) will follow the same design language as we saw with the previous model, featuring a white body and transparent cover. But it’s cylindrical and utilises a twist-to-open/close mechanism. Given its shape, we speculate that it may not offer wireless charging support.

Google Voice Assistant

There is also Bluetooth 5.0, support for Google Assistant via a long press on either end and quick pairing when you open the lid on the case. Press & hold to start Google Assistant/Siri

Audio performance

Hi-fidelity speakers coupled with a dynamic driver unit & a titanium diaphragm. Regardless of the design, enormous battery duration figures, and gesture support, what represents the deciding factor of worth in any  pair of wireless earbuds at any price-point is the sound quality. Here, the Infinix Snokor iRocker earbuds surpassed our assumptions. The soundstage is wide and output is pretty balanced, not over-emphasizing on bass over treble like most products in this segment do.  There are 6mm drivers in here, however the sound result doesn’t feel shallow by any means. Instrument partition isn’t all that incredible, yet the bass figures out how to sound fresh. Basically, these are some incredible earbuds at the cost.


We cannot establish how important it is for brands to implement a pair of good old-fashioned buttons on the buds over sub-par touch controls that only hamper the user experience. Controls are also pretty solid on the Snokor iRockers. A single press to play/pause, a double press for the next song, and a triple for the previous. The simple experience brings in reliability and not having to worry about whether your triple-tap registered as a double-tap, or if it registered at all.

Battery Life

Unlike the more expensive WF-1000XM4 Earbuds(Silver) this one comes with 4hrs Music playback in a single go, 4x additional charges in the case & quick charging support (buds get charged in 1hr 10min). This power enhances range and take-out auto connection with device for a seamless experience

 Voice Assistant

Press & hold to start Google Assistant/Siri


With 4hrs Music playback in a single go, 4x additional charges in the case & quick charging support (buds get charged in 1hr 10min)

Sound Quality

Spatial audio with dynamic head tracking places sounds all around you to create a three-dimensional listening experience.

Battery Life

Apple Airpods 3 provide up to 6 hours of listening time with one charge and 30 hours of total listening time with the case.