Safaricom and Faiba Ranked The Fastest Mobile and Broadband Providers by Ookla

Ookla, frequently referred to as Speedtest.web, is a internet platform that suppliers free research of web efficiency metrics, at the side of speeds and latency.

The platform has presented some key insights about web metrics in Kenya in a Q1 Marketplace Report.

The details from the report come with the next:

  1. Safaricom had the quickest Tempo Score amongst mobile suppliers in Kenya all through Q1 2021 at 29.80 along side the perfect mobile Consistency Score (86.3%) and perfect 4G Availability (88.1%).
  1. Mombasa had the quickest point out mobile obtain velocity at 27.79 Mbps whilst Nairobi was once as soon as as quickly because the quickest over fixed broadband with a obtain velocity of twenty-two.65 Mbps.
  2. Faiba had the quickest fixed broadband Tempo Score at 22.70 and easiest imaginable Consistency Score at 44.0%.

Further information about the quickest mobile operators are in line with assessments carried out on 4 carriers: Safaricom, Airtel, Telkom and Faiba.

As mentioned, Safaricom led the pack with a Tempo Score of 29.80. It was once as soon as once then adopted by method of Airtel, Faiba, and Telkom at 17.80, 12.33 and seven.12, respectively.

Ookla has additionally printed latency stats (the time taken for knowledge to get to its vacation spot all through a gaggle) for Kenya’s suppliers all through the principle quarter of 2021.

Faiba had the bottom latency at 31 ms. It was once as soon as once adopted by method of Airtel, Telkom and Safaricom at 32, 35 and 36 ms respectively.

That’s no longer all; the platform has additionally printed the Consistency Score for the provider. As anticipated, Safaricom leads the group with a Score of 86.3%.

  1. Safaricom – 86.3%.
  2.  Airtel – 79.6%
  3. Faiba – 60.5%
  4. Telkom – 50.7%

Whilst those carriers be offering 4G products and merchandise and products and services, the most efficient connections have been supplied by method of Safaricom. at

  1. Safaricom – 88.1%
  2. Airtel at 78.6%

Different operators weren’t ranked.

So, which were the quickest telephones in the case of obtain, add speeds and latency? Neatly, all of them are made by method of Apple and rank as follows:

  1. iPhone XS Max (obtain: 38.39 Mbps; add: 16.87 Mbps)
  2. iPhone 11 Skilled Max (obtain: 38.12 Mbps; add: 17.91 Mbps)
  3. iPhone 11 Skilled (obtain: 36.38 Mbps; add: 17.22 Mbps)
  4. iPhone X (obtain: 32.68 Mbps; add: 16.41 Mbps)
  5. iPhone 11 (obtain: 30.56 Mbps; add: 16.81 Mbps)

Relating to the details above, Mombasa registered the perfect point out mobile obtain speeds amongst Kenya’s maximum populous towns.

  1. Mombasa – Obtain at 27.79 Mbps
  2. Nairobi – Obtain at 24.60 Mbps
  3. Nakuru – Obtain at 21.60 Mbps
  4. Kisumu – Obtain at 19.64 Mbps
  5. Eldoret – Obtain at 19.26 Mbps

For fixed broadband connections, Faiba was once as soon as as quickly because the quickest with a Tempo Score of twenty-two.70.

  1. Faiba – 22.70
  2. Safaricom – 12.73
  3. Unwired Communications Restricted – 12.12
  4. Telkom – 10.32
  5. AccessKenya – 7.89

Ookla has additionally calculated the point out latency for perfect broadband suppliers on the time of the evaluation.

  1. Unwired Communications Restricted – 17 ms
  2. Faiba – 23 ms
  3. Telkom – 30 ms
  4. Safaricom – 35 ms
  5. AccessKenya – 46 ms

Faiba has the best consistency ranking in Q1, and is ranked as follows amongst fighters:

  1. Faiba – 44.0%
  2. Unwired Communications Restricted – 21.2%
  3. Safaricom – 20.0%
  4. Telkom – 19.4%
  5. AccessKenya – 12.0%

Finally are broadband the city speeds, of which Nairobi leads this time round:

  1. Nairobi – Down: 22.65 Mbps
  2. Eldoret – Down: 20.44 Mbps
  3. Mombasa – Down: 19.25 Mbps
  4. Kisumu – Down: 15.68 Mbps
  5. Nakuru – Down: 14.19 Mbps


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