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After months of public testing, Safaricom has officially presented its new M-Pesa app.

Dubbed the “M-Pesa Super App” owing to its inclusion of many choices that are meant to be standalone apps themselves and, if truth be told, exact apps all the way through the app, mini apps.

The app choices a new look that is stylish and additional intuitive, if our personal stories using it over the previous couple of months are anything to transport.

With the new M-Pesa apps, since there’s the consumer-centred one that many of us are acquainted with and the one serious about firms that rely at the cell money platform, Safaricom is rethinking all the particular person experience on some of the an important country’s most very important money platforms.

In line with Safaricom, over 1.3 million have downloaded the new M-Pesa app. On the Google Play Store, the app is indicated as having netted over 1 million downloads. Over 100,000 firms have downloaded its corresponding industry app, M-Pesa for Trade. A an identical amount is indicated at the Play Store.

The standout feature of the new M-Pesa apps is the offline mode which allows consumers to get admission to core M-Pesa services although there’s no data connection – each it is grew to develop into off, one is in a area with an intermittent data connection or, they are in need of data bundles.

“With the offline mode, consumers can send and acquire money and in a similar fashion make expenses,” a remark from Safaricom notes.

Most importantly, the apps allow consumers to transact without connection with the cell group they are hooked as much as. The previous implementation of this had been a blended bag with the Safaricom app as it sought after a particular person to get admission to the SIM toolkit for authentication, something that is absolute best imaginable when one has their Safaricom SIM on-device.

Authentication at the brand new M-Pesa app is by the use of facial and/or fingerprint release, in conjunction with the standard PIN get admission to.

As has been the case when using M-Pesa at the mySafaricom application, consumers get to ensure the id of the recipients when sending money to oldsters or making expenses to firms to steer clear of incidences of mistaken transfers. Throughout the unfortunate instance when that happens, on the other hand, there’s a one-tap way to get started up a reversal.

For those who would prefer to stick with what they know, that is the number one Safaricom app, Safaricom now not too way back up-to-the-minute it to allow consumers to favourite paybill and till numbers for easy get admission to when making expenses.

Mini apps, out there all over the Discover tab at the M-Pesa app and the Hub risk at the M-Pesa for Trade application, allow consumers to get admission to a plethora of services from third-party provides who have onboarded their apps at the platform. Safaricom is looking the platform the ‘Google Play store of Kenya’ and it is the one who provides the app its “super app” status. Something akin to WeChat, in particular as it is used in Kenya.

While WeChat is a messaging application that attracts the whole thing together to attain its super app status, M-Pesa is, well, a value platform that is branching out at an opportune time: when Kenyans are increasingly more getting online (Safaricom CEO Peter Ndegwa, at the app’s free up match, disclosed that there are over 8.5 million 4G smartphones at the Safaricom group) and when the effects of the pandemic have speeded up the adoption of online services like the web ticketing of trains and buses.

“The main services to be had as Mini-Apps include Madaraka SGR ticketing, long-distance bus booking with BuuPass, match tickets on Mtickets, purchasing groceries provide vouchers on GiftPesa Vouchers, insurance plans services on eBima, and gas provide from Skilled-Fuel.”

A hangover of what a messaging app ala WeChat with deep integration to a expenses and money transfer platform like M-Pesa can be spotted when making transactions using the new M-Pesa app as consumers can add notes and even GIFs. Safaricom’s closing standalone effort at this was once as soon as an app that not at all got to transport a great distance: Zwuup, what used to be known as Bonga by the use of Safaricom.

It is worth noting that, at this 2nd, mini apps do not appear to be however continue to exist the M-Pesa for Trade app’s Hub section. Safaricom says that they are going to be to be had inside the coming weeks.

Shoppers are also able to send money to multiple recipients using the ‘Send to Many’ feature along with request for money from their contacts using the ‘Request Money’ feature.

A rework of the combo of M-Pesa World, M-Pesa’s point of interest on world money transfers and expenses, sees it turn out to be in point of fact simple to send money to a in a foreign country monetary establishment, world money transfer service like Western Union or mobile phone amount on a appropriate group or get admission to PayPal services from all the way through the ‘Send and Request’ menu.

M-Pesa’s Pochi L. a. Biashara, which allows industry householders to use their personal lines to procure expenses from consumers and separate them from personal transactions for easy accounting, lives on inside the ‘Pay’ menu, taking away from consumers an extra step as was once as soon as the case previous to and making it a natural use case.

The ones identical choices highlighted above can be accessed as they are going to prior to now inside the ‘Transact’ section.

An substitute of the M-Pesa statements we got closing 365 days at the Safaricom app sees consumers get further detailed breakdowns of their spending and able to categorize and type consistent with the identical.

To woo consumers to procure and arrange the new M-Pesa apps, Safaricom is awarding each 10th first-time consumers over the next 3 days with Kshs 500 deposited into their M-Pesa wallets and, all first-timers, 500 megabytes of unfastened data loaded to their phones. For already present consumers of the app, similar to the over 1 million that have given it a spin everywhere its public trial segment, booking a trip at the Madaraka Specific (SGR) mini app leads to a 10% cashback inside the respective M-Pesa wallets.

Safaricom’s free up of a new M-Pesa app follows a revamp of its mySafaricom app closing 365 days. The revamp presented with it an stepped ahead visual design along with consolidated greater than a few services that were being introduced in standalone apps like Area Fibre.

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