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For the reason that spread of the Coronavirus continues, additional and additional measures are being taken to reduce the spread of the virus. Very best on the record are the limitations in movement along with contact.

As now we’ve got well-known over the former couple of days and weeks in our reporting, this has had an impact inside the kind os products and services and merchandise that Kenyans get admission to from service providers like Safaricom.

Proper right here is a listing of some of the changes that have since been made by means of manner of Safaricom along with along side its non-public partners to help Kenyans all the way in which via the ones tricky circumstances that anyone finding out this can take advantage of:

A toll-free line, 719, has been organize by means of manner of the National Emergency Response Committee on Coronavirus with Safaricom’s lend a hand “to beef up Kenyans in figuring out how to prevent and organize suspected instances”. As in line with original verbal alternate from the government that is operating on all local media channels, Kenyans can identify 719 to get lend a hand on all COVID-19-related instances.

“Now we’ve got moreover interconnected other networks to verify that their subscribers can get admission to the Identify Centre,” Safaricom notes in a remark to newsrooms sent ultimate week.

719 is moreover to be had as a message service shortcode (*719#) and, in this regard, about 900,000 Kenyans are having access to it daily with a top of 2.1 million having access to it on Thursday, March 19th, making it by means of manner of a ways the preferred get admission to way when compared to calls to the Identify Centre which averaged between 67,000 and 70,000 for the managed and self-service strains respectively.

Safaricom has doubled bandwidth offered to all subscribers of its Fibre to the Space product, Safaricom Space Fibre, for a period of 90 days so that you could encourage running from area.

Shoppers can take advantage of the doubled bandwidth to do a lot more than artwork now that complete families, where every and each member has their own needs and priorities, is additionally stuck at area. See how proper right here.

With colleges ultimate early – even quicker than the highest of first time frame tests could be administered – students are at area indefinitely because of this of of the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead of shedding away, they are going to continue with their analysis, albeit in some way they’ll now not be used to, by means of manner of use of the devices to be had to them, in particular cellphones.

Safaricom has partnered with Eneza Training, which runs the award-winning Shupavu 291 SMS-based remote finding out platform, to provide students from grade 4 to form 4 with get admission to to finding out and revision content material subject matter on the platform unfastened of charge for a period of 60 days. This waives the Kshs 3 daily subscription price thus making it additional to be had to students across the country since all that one should get admission to it is a mobile phone of whichever type and no internet connectivity is necessary.

Safaricom has moreover zero-rated get admission to to a host of e-learning platforms for those with get admission to to the internet., run by means of manner of Eneza Training, Viusasa E-learning run by means of manner of Viusasa and Longhorn Author’s e-learning platform are all to be had right through the Safaricom neighborhood without the need for an information subscription of any type up to a consumption limit of 250 megabytes daily for a 2-month period.

Safaricom’s cell money platform – and others love it – has become the go-to for the explanation that first case of the Coronavirus was once as soon as reported inside the country and is really helpful as a way of minimizing the sort of contact that paper money and other way of charge, like taking part in playing cards.

In consequence,

If you are sitting at area feeling sorry in your self and fellow countrymen and, most likely, even feeling relatively helpless inside the face of all that is going on, is additionally you shouldn’t. You can do something with all the Bonga Problems you have accrued.

An initiative offered in recent years by means of manner of Safaricom, dubbed ‘Bonga for Very good’ we could in subscribers to donate their Bonga Problems as a sign of showing goodwill.

Additionally, they can moreover use their Bonga Problems to pay for items at retail outlets like supermarkets across the country.

“For the next 30 days, shoppers will redeem 1 Bonga Stage for KES 30 cents, a 50% increase from the previous KES 20 cents in line with degree, at over 140,000 Lipa na M-PESA buyers countrywide. Investors accepting Lipa Na Bonga will download a cash an similar of the problems redeemed, making it a normal business transaction,” a remark from the company reads.

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