ilife Zed Air H2 Specifications and Price in Kenya Tushop

Ilife Zed Air H2 was released in late 2017. This mini laptop follows in the line of other budget, yet quality laptops that run windows 10 from the company. These include the Ilife Zed Air and Zed Air Mini. With this model, you get a more refined model with even more storage capacity. Here, we’ll review the iLife ZED Air H2, its specifications and price in Kenya.

The Zed Air H2 was comes with a 14-inch display. With that, you get a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. This means you can easily enjoy watching movies and working on this laptop because the size is just appropriate and suitable. In addition to that, the mini laptop only weighs 1.3KGs. This makes it one of the lightest mini laptops in Kenya. Therefore, it can easily be carried around without it bogging you down.

With the Ilife Zed Air H2, you get better performance. This is because of the refined processor. You get a base speed of 1.1GHz. However, this can rise to 2.4GHz. What this means is that the processor is efficient in battery usage and when performance is required, it also delivers.

zed air review and specifications 2 - Ilife Zed Air H2 Specifications Review and Price in Kenya

The GPU in an Intel HD 500. This also helps in performance since some of the graphic intensive apps and games handled by it. For multi tasking, you get 3GB RAM. This is a 50 percent improvement over the predecessor. Therefore, you can easily run multiple programs at the same time.

The Ilife Zed Air H2 comes with a total of 532GB internal storage. You get an SSD that has 32GB. What this means is that the laptops is significantly faster than even some HP and Lenovo laptops that don’t have an SSD. This is in terms of everyday usage. For the HDD, you get 500GB. So, you can store several movies, videos, photos and music files.

ilife zed air h2 mini laptop 2 - Ilife Zed Air H2 Specifications Review and Price in Kenya

The good thing, this mini laptop has a microSD card slot. It supports a maximum of 64GB expanded storage. This is another huge advantage.

Speaking of the battery, you get 4800mAh battery. Now, this can last more than 5 hours without requiring a recharge. Therefore, even when the lights go off, you can continue working or watching movies on the computer.

To top it off, you get a 1 year warranty. Therefore, you can have a peace of mind when using the device.

ilife zed air price kenya 2 - Ilife Zed Air H2 Specifications Review and Price in Kenya

The price of the Ilife Zed Air H2 is around KSh. 19,500. For that amount, the laptop is worth ordering. You get a large storage capacity with very good performance. Other outstanding features include the long battery life, quality display and premium design.

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