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There have been many proceedings from consumers of somewhat numerous Tecno smartphones a couple of pop-up on the computer screen that says, “OTG connected, Go To Settings to turn OTG on” when no USB software/cable is connected to the phones.

While the root reason behind this computer virus continues to be unclear, a Tecno Spot member has apparently found out an unofficial function and resolution to the problem.

It seems that, the problem is with the charging port. Each it got wet or moisture accumulated in there with time. We’d advise that you just seek advice from a Tecno Provider Middle (Carlcare) for them to check out it, then again going by means of the responses in Tecno dialogue board, you’ll be able to as smartly do it yourself.

Realize that by means of going this direction, it’s at your own chance, then again in case you don’t have the time to seek advice from Tecno Carlcare for a fix to this disturbing pop-up, practice the steps beneath:

Allegedly, the methylated spirit helps evaporate any moisture trapped all over the charging port and inside the process fixes the OTG Connected issue. It’s moreover superb as a rust cleaner, merely in case your software’s charging port is rusty.

As well-known, the above process worked for the original poster and several other different others who went this direction then again don’t come for our necks in case it doesn’t be simply best for you.

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