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The Communications Authority of Kenya has rolled out a brand spanking new mobile messaging supplier to lend a hand Kenyans to be in a place to tell if a mobile phone they private/are using or they are about to gain is genuine or one of the most many counterfeits in {the marketplace}.

Using the supplier is in point of fact simple. One perfect needs to phrase their mobile phone’s unique identifier, in this case, the IMEI amount, and then send it to the faithful fast code then glance ahead to a response.

The IMEI number of a mobile phone can also be got in quite a few tactics:

Whichever way one uses to obtain the IMEI (the Communications Authority, in its commentary, advises using the typical IMEI callup function, to be on the safe aspect), your next step is to create a brand spanking new SMS, input it and then send it to the volume 1555.

The supplier is unfastened.

“You’ll be able to download a message from the Authority displaying details of the mobile phone, in conjunction with the make and magnificence,” the CA further advises.

Could have to the details contained in the received message from the trade regulator no longer have compatibility the physically attributes of the device as one can see then the mobile phone in question is more than likely no longer genuine.

Like we highlighted in our podcast a while once more, it is moreover very important to phrase the Communications Authority’s definition of “genuine” and genuineness. In this case, the process is reliant on the regulator’s database since devices have to be type-approved forward of being availed in {the marketplace} and the regulator maintains this type of database.

Could have to a device have been smuggled into the country and introduced through unofficial channels (to dodge tax executive), the results, when the above process is used, is more than likely no longer positive. That does not necessarily suggest that the device in question is fake or counterfeit, in the massive sense of the time frame. Merely that given that trade regulator is unaware of its selection and presence, it cannot make sure prime quality.

Even then, as is obtrusive by the use of merely walking into random phone retail outlets in any number one town in Kenya, fake phones that the majority recurrently go for a fraction of what the true issue costs (some, worth merely as so much, and thrive on duping shoppers who don’t know any upper), keep a big problem in the country and this supplier will come in to hand to those who check out to get the true issue.

Client electronics producers an identical to Samsung have for long used their own local databases to take a look at local mobile phone (and other devices) purchases and activate and put in drive warranties using mobile messaging services.

Extensively speaking, the concept that is a ways from new for Kenyans as, previous shopper electronics, faculty textbooks, gasoline cylinders and medicine have, over the years, moreover been in a place to be verified using an identical way.

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