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Zuri, Safaricom’s chatbot, is finally on WhatsApp. That so much everyone knows already, don’t we?

It is likely one of the reasonably numerous purchaser touchpoints that Kenya’s biggest cell neighborhood operator is the usage of in order to be ready to make it easy for its hundreds of thousands of consumers to get served briefly.

How do you get to that point where you’ll be able to be conversing with Zuri, although?


There are a number of the way in which.

This is simple and right away forward.

Move to the Contacts app on your smartphone or the dialer. Type Zuri’s WhatsApp Industry amount, 0722000100, hit save! Merely that.

Now, each and every other time you would like to have to chat up Zuri to lend a hand with something, merely open WhatsApp and search for Zuri. You’ll be having your issues looked after in seconds.

If, like many of us can also be, you might be finding out this from your smartphone, merely click on on this link. On phone, this will likely most likely take you right away to WhatsApp in order to get began charting with Zuri right away.

On other devices, like, desktop pc techniques, where WhatsApp desktop is installed and one is signed in, by the use of going with the correct response to its advised, one can merely head over there. Or, it is going to take them to WhatsApp Web. None of the ones alternatives is that to hand as each requires one to have their mobile phone with them and WhatsApp open since WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp Desktop simply mirror the phone app and don’t run their own instances of the app.

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