nothing phone 1 1 - Here is the first real video  about the “nothing phone (1).” from the Nothing brand

It’s happening; the Nothing phone(1) is here with us; surprisingly, it has more novelties to whisper in our ears than you could have imagined. As showcased by MKBHD, here is what you can expect from the Nothing Manufacturer.

This first test of the renowned translucent smartphone was given to the YouTuber MKBHD. Because of this, MKBHD gives us a better understanding of the smartphone’s entire front and back designs. We can see that the screen of the Nothing phone (1) will undoubtedly feature evenly spaced borders, as well as a punch for the front camera, which will be placed in the screen’s upper left corner.

The technical specifications of the smartphones have not been revealed. What is under the hood will be known after July 12. The brand has given the LED-based pattern dubbed “Glyph.” on the back of this particular model. It is worth mentioning that the Glyph Interface” provides numerous customization options for the design on the back.

For instance, we’ll have light patterns that respond differently to ten distinct ringtones. Thus, a specific contact can be connected to each design. MKBHD goes further to mention that upon launch, we will be able to choose from various light patterns for particular applications’ notifications.

The numerous applications that have been considered here make it abundantly evident that this pattern is not at all accidental and that every element has potential applications. The only thing left to determine is when and how much it will cost. The video embedded down below shows the smartphone in true colors.