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Equity Monetary establishment has updated its mobile banking software, dubbed Eazzy Banking, to include quite a few new choices alongside what the monetary establishment says are enhanced security features.

The said enhanced security features do not appear to be clear at this 2nd as those cited in a press release from the company quote the facility to log in by the use of fingerprint biometrics and the verification of transactions using one-time authentication codes, choices that have existed on the Eazzy Banking software for a while now.

The uncontestable new choices include the facility for each and every new and provide customers to open accounts directly all through the software thereby eliminating the desire to seek advice from a physically division to get the equivalent completed. Customers will best possible need their identity card amount to open accounts by the use of the app. This is specifically essential during the ones events when distancing and less contact are being emphasised. Equity Bank’s festival identical to the Same old Charted Monetary establishment and KCB have been doing this for a while now.

“Customers with foreign currencies accounts can also be ready to transact to and from their accounts using the Eazzy Banking platform,” the observation from the monetary establishment reads.

Moreover making its method to the Eazzy Banking app in type 2.5 is the facility for customers with foreign currencies to transact using it as well as to the facility for customers to business their mobile banking PINs from the app.

Visually, the app remains the equivalent with now not anything else changing throughout the design. All already-existing choices are also staying put. That means the facility to scan codes to make expenses, get admission to to lending facilities and other choices customers would possibly already be used to, stay where they’ve always been.

With over 1 million downloads from the Google Play Store, and consistently ranking as probably the most a very powerful best finance apps throughout the country, the Eazzy Banking software has received necessary serve as updates through the years. It is been updated to let customers send money to friends, family and colleagues by the use of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp, for instance. It used to be updated to strengthen PesaLink, the realtime mobile-based interbank virtual price range transfer tool, in type 2.0 of the app 3 years up to now.

“The app has the potential for showing 300 million transactions each and every second,” according to Equity Monetary establishment.

“As of March 2020, the app’s transaction numbers rose by the use of 25%, to 88.2 million from 70.5 million within the equivalent period closing year. Additionally, the price of transactions on the app used to be Kshs 43.3 Billion throughout the first quarter of 2020 compared to Kshs 38 billion within the equivalent period closing year, representing a 14% rise.”

The updated app and features are to be had to the monetary establishment’s purchaser base now not merely in Kenya then again across the space where it has a presence.

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