Digitel TV Prices in Kenya and Review

What are the Digitel TV Prices in Kenya, Features and review? Affordability and quality, are just among the few features that Digitel TVs have. So, today, we’ll look at Digitel TV Price List in Kenya, the specifications and reviews. First, you should know that Digitel is a European brand located in England. This ensures that quality is of the importance. In this price list, you’ll get the key specs, advantages and disadvantages of Digitel TVs in Kenya. The brand has a wide range of flat screen LED TVs. Features include Digital, Smart, 4K Ultra HD, HDR and Dolby Atmos Sound. Digitel TVs, when it comes to price, are really affordable. The selection of 22 inches, 24, 32, 40 to 55 inches ensures that you have a wide range to choose from.

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There are many reasons why you should buy Digitel Televisions in Kenya, we’ll list them all here.

One of the many things you’ll definitely look at when buying a tv is the design. This brand does not disappoint when it comes to that. First, the metallic and brushed polycarbonate body. This ensures that you get a premium design in your living room. To add to that, the televisions has a good build quality with no manufacturer imperfections.

No matter where the Digitel TV is viewed from, you get the premium felling. I should also add that you can choose from a variety of colors for the finish. These options are white, grey, silver and black. This also presents to you the ability of choosing the one that best suits your living room design.

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The most important feature of Digitel TVs, the picture quality. These televisions have a built-in picture engine. With that, the processing of videos is done, which ensures high contrast ratio, true color reproduction and enhanced picture quality. To add to that, because of the LED panel, you’ll get power saving due to the local dimming found in the backlighting technology.

The same picture engine ensures that noise is filtered from the videos you are watching. You’ll therefore get “clearer” pictures from the source signal. (Source signal may include Satellite, Cable, DVD/ Blu-ray players and digital broadcasts.

The display panel in Digitel Televisions also have a wide viewing angle. This is 178 degrees. The advantage of wide viewing angles, is the fact that, no matter the position of a person in the room, they’ll still get the same picture quality as if they are sitting directly facing the television.

Another notable feature in these Digitel LED TVs, is the motion control and game mode. Therefore, you can get to enjoy watching sports and high frame rates broadcasts on the appliance without frame tears and jittering. For gaming, the input lag is also most zero. The signal from your laptop or gaming console is view almost instantaneously.

Digitel TVs, (all of them), have digital tuners. You can therefore not spend your extra money buying an external decoder. Watching local and some international channels will not require any further expenses.

The Tuner in the televisions are DVB -T2, which is the latest standard in digital broadcasting. Ensuring that you can get high definition image quality on the display.

We should also not forget about the warranty. These Digitel Televisions in Kenya come with 1-year warranty. Therefore, you can buy them and have a peace of mind when using the device.

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