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You should or would possibly not have heard about Clubhouse, the social audio platform that has been making waves over the earlier year.

So standard has Clubhouse been that, if you have been taking realize, you have most certainly noticed a replicate of the manner it essentially functions in an app you already use. Every Telegram and Twitter have presented their Clubhouse pageant as built-in choices to their apps.

Telegram’s Voice Chats received an toughen (Voice Chats 2.0) that presented with it live voice chats with an infinite collection of individuals and extended the function to channels after having it as a groups-only function since its debut in December 2020.

Twitter Spaces have develop to be standard conversation starters on Kenyan Twitter with the function, Twitter’s solution to the upward push in approval for voice-driven social apps heralded by way of Clubhouse, being open to more and more consumers simply in recent times after a limited run on iOS, an identical to Clubhouse has been for over a year.

While the details about Clubhouse’s availability on Android is certainly excellent, there could also be still a catch. A big one, we will be able to have to say. Get admission to is restricted to consumers in the United States. Those those that are not in the US have to pre-register proper right here and it is going to be precipitated when we will be able to be ready to finally join in the fun. Oh, and that’s now not all, one still needs an invite in order to join the service once the app is to be had in Kenya and in other places.

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