Best Phones with Good Cameras in Kenya

What are the best phones with best cameras in Kenya? Because of advancements in technology, we have phones, here in Kenya, that take DLSR quality photos. So, I have decided to list the best camera phones in Kenya. In this list, you’ll find cheap smartphones, mid-range and high-end ones. You should note that, a high megapixel camera does not necessarily translate to good photos. These phones have received various awards internationally for the quality of photography taken with them. Not only do these mobile devices, take good photos from the rear lens, but also the selfie cameras also stand out.

With these device, some get advanced auto-focus, color correction, face detection, HDR, portrait mode, ISO settings in addition to LED Flash.

So, please check out below the list of phones with good camera in Kenya. In addition you should also take a look at best big battery phones in Kenya and also the best phones under 20k in Kenya.

Apart from the above listed good camera smartphones, If I were you, I must take a look at the best phones under 30K in Kenya in addition to Oppo Phone Prices in Kenya.