All in One Desktop Computer on Sale and their Prices in Kenya Tushop

All in one computers, are the current trend when it comes to PCs in the Kenyan market. For that reason, today, we’ll look at the Best All in One Computer Price List in Kenya,their specifications, features and review. In addition to that, we’ll also mention the advantages and disadvantages of the individual pcs.

One of the main selling point of All in One (AIO) Computers, is the minimum usage of space. This is because the CPU of the computer is integrated into the monitor. Therefore, you’ll only need space for it. In addition to that, they look stylish for the home and office. This sets you apart from all other people who use the traditional desktop tower design.

Performance wise, these PCs, range from Intel core i3, i5 and i7. This can enable you to run “heavy tasks” easily on the device. Brands that make All in One computers include HP, Lenovo, Apple, Dell and iLIFE.

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