Best Full HD 1080p TV Prices in Kenya Tushop

What are the best 1080p TVs in Kenya?

1080p, or Full HD televisions, has a pixel display resolution of 1920 x 1080. Over the recent years, people have progressively moved from 720p. Full HD, offers better screen quality.

Also, the televisions in Kenya have become increasingly cheaper as time goes by. Right now, you can easily get a 1080p television for the price of a 720p.

If you are getting a TV larger than 32 inches, then you should definitely go for a Full HD television.

It can be used for gaming because the Xbox One S and PS4 Pro mostly run games at this resolution. However, if you want even better picture quality, you can jump to the 4K TVs. However, they are more expensive.

In my opinion, heading further into 2019, the minimum resolution someone should get is 1080. You can also check out the best TVs below 30k in Kenya as well as the best 32 inch TVs at Tushop . So here are the best 1080P Full HD TVs in Kenya and their prices.