ASUS E200HA Specifications and Price in Kenya

What is the specifications and price of the ASUS E200HA in Kenya?

ASUS E200HA Tushop - ASUS E200HA Specifications Review and Price in Kenya

The ASUS E200HA has decent performance. First, you get an intel Atom Quad core processor. This is clocked at 1.4GHz. With this, you will easily run light programs without any problems. Microsoft Office software such as word, excel and PowerPoint runs smoothly on this device. This laptop is also suitable for watching movies. Then there is the 2GB of RAM. With this amount, you can do some light multi tasking. However, don’t expect to run graphic intensive games.

The ASUS E200HA has 32GB of internal storage. Since the storage is a solid state one, it is faster than other storage types. Therefore, programs and applications will load faster here.

asus e200ha review 2 - ASUS E200HA Specifications Review and Price in Kenya

This laptop comes running Windows 10. The good thing is that you can find thousands of programs to install and full usable as a computer. You get a 2-cell battery that has a power supply of 33 watts. It can easily last more than 3 hours on a single charge.

The ASUS E200HA PRICE IN Kenya is KSh 19,000. For this cost of purchase, you get value for your money. Some of the best features of the laptop includes long lasting battery and quality display. In addition, the design is also very good.

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