Armco TV Price List in Kenya and Reviews

What are the Armco TV Prices in Kenya? Since Armco is one of the brands that specifically target the Kenyan market, it is only right that we review their Flat Screen TVs in Kenya. In this price list of Latest Armco Televisions, include are the key specifications, advantages and disadvantages. If you remember Sanyo, the quality TV producer in the late 90’s, Armco was its Kenyan Branch until its acquisition by Panasonic. Therefore, you can be assured of great quality and affordability. In the household department, Armco not only makes televisions, but also other household appliances. Armco has a selectin of quality and highly targeted LED Flat screen TVs in Kenya. Features include Digital, Smart, and the sizes vary from 19 inches to 55 inches.

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As stated earlier, Armco Flat screen TVs, mainly target the African market. For that reason, they have highly adapted their goods to suit the needs and climatic conditions here. For example, the moisture test content in the atmosphere here in Kenya is completely different with that in the US and Europe. Therefore, even with high humidity, your television will continue to operate normally. This makes them one of the most suitable Flat screen to have in the country. To add to that, most of these TVs support both Direct Current (DC) and Alternating Current (AC). Therefore, you can use them with solar, or the normal electricity from Kenya Power.

Another important info that you should know is that, having a huge base of service center is one of the important qualities to look out for with manufacturers. Now, with that information, all the Armco televisions come with 1-year warranty or more. In spite of this you’ll still get quality repairs at their service centers in case something happens to your television a few years down the line.

If you want quality and affordability, then Armco is one of the best. Their selection of televisions are highly adapted to the Kenyan market. With some even supporting solar power. In addition, you can get them at a price of around KSh 14K in Kenya.

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