The iPad Pro, in 2017, has gotten larger and larger.

That is the trend we are seeing year in year out.

What do you get with this tablet? Better performance. Am talking about up to 30% faster. In addition, the GPU is 40 percent faster. It is competing directly, with Microsoft Surface Pro.

The iPad Pro price is about KSh. 70,000. in Kenya.

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performance of the new ipad pro 10 5 2017 in kenya 2 - Apple iPad Pro 10.5 Specifications and Price in Kenya

Just as mentioned, the iPad ships with a larger display. In this front, we have seen strong competition from various competitors. However, what we can agree on is that, the display is vivid and sharp.

Something else that leads to better experience, the brightness. The iPad Pro has 600nits of brightness. This is also useful with negating unnecessary reflectivity.

When it comes to the resolution, I was expecting nothing less than 2224 x 1668 pixels. This, combined with 264ppi, leads to pleasurable color reproduction.

Now to the shooter of the iPad Pro 10.5.

Now to the rear camera. Here, you get 12megapixels. To help you take better snaps, it comes with various features. These include optical image stabilization, Autofocus and HDR.

In addition, it has the ability to record 4K videos.

ipad acessories 3 - Apple iPad Pro 10.5 Specifications and Price in Kenya

In the new iPad Pro, is an Apple A10X Fusion processor. It has an M10 co-processor also embedded.

Before this, there was lots of chatter, that Apple had abandoned the “Professionals” customers. However, with this performance bump, I expect majority will be satisfied.

iOS 11 will imminently be released later this year. So the iPad Pro runs iOS 10 out of the box. With the choice to upgrade, when the update becomes available.

There are some advantages of iOS 11 that Apple mentioned. First is advance multi-tasking. Secondly is a seamless integration with the Apple Pencil.

The iPad Pro 10.5, has Wi-Fi, and LTE models. It is single SIM (nano) and there are various choices when it comes to storage; 64GB, 256GB, 512GB.

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