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The Apple iPad 6th Gen (2018), is the most affordable tablet yet from the Cupertino company. There are two versions of the Apple iPad 2018, one is a Wifi only version, the other is a Single Nano sim version. This iPad, was released in March. Today, you’ll get to know the Apple iPad (6) 2018 price in Kenya, specifications and review.

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This iPad 2018, out of the box, runs iOS 11. It has a thickness of 7.5mm in addition to 469 grams in weight. The screen is 9.7 inches, with a screen resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels. This makes it suitable for watching movies and using apps. The IPS LCD display is capacitive and supports multi touch. One of the main features of this iPad, is the fact that you get pen support. Previously, the support for Apple pencil, came only in the pro versions of the tablet.

The Apple pencil can be used for drawing, taking notes and editing documents.

This iPad 2018, is one of the best, in terms of performance and usability. You get a quad core processor. This is clocked at a speed of 370Mhz. The Apple A10 Fusion processor, ensures that you can run apps smoothly on the device.

When it comes to the RAM, you get 2GB. With that, you can run multiple apps at the same time. This, in addition to the optimized device, ensures that you can easily multi task using the tablet.

This tablet comes with 32GB of internal storage. If you take many photos and videos, this memory capacity is enough for your use. However, installing several large apps, such as games, might require you to get a version with more memory capacity.

It is well documented, that cameras made by Apple, are one of the best in the world. In the ipad 6th gen, you get 8 megapixels at the back. With this primary camera, you get features such as autofocus, panorama, touch to focus in addition to face detection. In addition to that, the back camera comes with an LED Flash. This will enable you take images in low light conditions.

For the selfie camera, you get 1.2 megapixels. This is not bad, since most people don’t use their tablets for taking selfies anyway.

The iPad 2018 comes with a battery capacity of 8827mAh. You can get a long battery life with this capacity. One of the main advantages of iPads, and in general Apple products, is the long battery life. Screen on time is not comparable to any tablet.

The tablet also supports 4G LTE, for the cellular version only. There is the Wifi Version which cannot be used with a sim card.

The price of the Apple iPad 2018 (6th Gen) is around KSh 60,000 in Kenya. For that price, you might find this worth buying, especially if you are already in the Apple ecosystem. You can even use it as a laptop replacement (if you buy it with the type cover). The tablet can be used to enjoy movies, drawing and editing documents.

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