Best Laptop Under KSh 45000 in Kenya

Which is the best laptop under KSh 45,000 in Kenya?

In this article, we have listed down laptops that cost less than 45000 in Kenya.

First, I have only included “Core i” processors. I have left out Pentium and Intel Celeron. This is because, at this price range, the best possible performance should be achieved.

These Laptops below 45000, should be able to run all normal software and programs. Such as Microsoft Office. In addition, you can comfortable browse and watch movies on these machines.

However, don’t expect to play the latest graphic intensive games on these PCs.

Also check out the best laptops under KSh 40,000 and the best Laptops under KSh 35,000. So, here goes the best laptops under 45,000 in Kenya.


Making a choice for the best laptop under 45000 in Kenya is quite hard. This is because, each of the laptops has a very strong feature. It may be design, performance or storage capacity.

Personally, for a laptop under KSh 45,000 in Kenya. I would go with the following: