Best Laptop Under 40000 in Kenya

Which is the best laptop under KSh 40,000 in Kenya?

Here, you find the best laptops under 40k in Kenya.

All these laptops, have Intel Core i3 or AMD A6, which has similar performance.

We decide against laptop computers that have Pentium or Intel Celeron processors.

Therefore, the performance of these laptops that cost less than KSh 40000 is relatively good.

However, in this price range, you can run normal Windows software, watch movies and browse comfortably.

However, don’t expect to run graphic intensive games here.

Also check out the best laptops under KSh 30,000 and the best laptops under KSh 35,000. So, here goes the list of the best laptops below KSh 40,000.


In this list of laptops under Ksh 40,000 in Kenya, we highly recommend Dell Inspiron 15 3567.

Why is this?

The strongest selling point of this laptop, is the fact that it comes with a discrete Radeon 2GB Graphics card and 1 Terabyte of storage.

With this, you can easily run graphic intensive games and applications. Even GTA 5 will run at low settings here.

Dont miss the deal. To me, the laptop should cost more than 50K, but its less than 40k.

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